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City Of Cleveland Ohio

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Problem to Solve


Harold Miller, a Senior Construction Manager with Quality Control Inspection, Inc. had a lot on his plate. A large contract providing inspection services for about 50 of San Antonio’s streets, hundreds of photos to manage, and a small staff.


A contract of that scope, with so many different players and moving pieces, had the potential to be a logistical nightmare for any Project Management firm, and particularly for a small business. But, Tavares not only found a way to get it done, she also found a way to save time and money while doing it. 


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Quality Control Inspection, Inc. is a private Construction Engineering firm that provides engineering and inspection services to hundreds of clients annually. “We manage anywhere between 400-600 projects annually across 60+ public and private agencies from Right-of-Way and spot inspection jobs to $100 Million dollar capital improvement projects,” says Harold Miller, Director of Operations at QCI.

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"Our entire organization runs on Pegasus, it is at the center of our business and operations. Not only do we experience the benefits internally, but our clients experience them as well on each project."
- Harold Miller, Director of Operations
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