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Project Management

Standardized Reports keep information consistent and organized across all of your projects 


Plans and Specs

Digital Mark-Up Tools

Access your project's plans and specs from anywhere. Maintain as-built drawings with digital mark-up and measuring tools.


Simplify Submittals

Streamline coordination by automating your submittal log and manage the entire submit, review, and approval process in Pegasus.


Resolve RFIs Quicker

Easily Link RFI records to project data reach resolutions quickly and efficiently. Reference Plans & Specification information from the RFI.

Go Time

Still Not Signed Up Yet?

Standardize Your Construction Process, Centralize Your Data with Pegasus for Construction Engineering Teams


What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a cloud-based construction inspection and contract administration tool built to manage and streamline capital and infrastructure construction projects.

Quickly create and manage all of your construction projects and track every aspect from Inspector Daily Reports, Contractor Payment Requests, Change Orders, Submittals, RFIs and more

Who uses Pegasus?

Pegasus is designed for Owner Agencies and Construction Engineering Firms but is also utilized by Contractors on various construction projects.

What type of support services are offered?

We offer free training and onboarding services. Continued support includes 24/7 on-demand and as needed support and troubleshooting via phone, email, chat as well as unlimited access to our Knowledge Base.

What devices can Pegasus be used on?
Pegasus is a responsive web-application that can be used on mobile smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
How do I begin using Pegasus?

Schedule a time with our sales team Here to discuss account setup and what features are best suited for your organization based on your specific needs and goals.