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Photo Gallary and Map

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Users have been reporting photo and file upload issues throughout Pegasus .

Recently, we focused our efforts on bug fixing and rewriting the Upload function to improve this experience for users in the field and office alike as well as fixing

Upload Improvements:

  • Improved upload speeds for individual and bulk file uploads
  • Fixed an issue where file names with special characters would not upload to Pegasus
  • File size limit of 1 GB has been removed (it is recommended files that are over 1 GB in size be uploaded individually rather than in bulk)

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Pay Estimate Adjustments: you can now select whether you would like to adjust the quantity, dollar amount, or percentage for each entry
  • Pay Estimate & Application: Previous signatures can be brought over to current record
  • Job Site bug fixes related to Strict Contract Amount on Change Orders and Payments
  • Fixed a memory leak related to Job Site project aggregating
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Remember, if you encounter any issues or want to request a feature please use the purple chat widget to send us a message or you can Request a Feature here.

We have some exciting updates releasing in the coming weeks including Asphalt & Concrete Delivery Logs, User Management & Licensing Improvements, Multiple Funding Sources and Contract Days / Working Days. Check out the Pegasus Roadmap here!